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If I were to write... who/what do you want to read about?
1 deviant said I am not fimiliar with your OCs
1 deviant said Nsfw erotica: dragoness hybrid & her handler
1 deviant said Simple short stories/tales
1 deviant said J: yup i just paid 5 dollars to make a poll
No deviants said Najalynn
No deviants said Zoulvisia
No deviants said Soinya
No deviants said Lurgona
No deviants said Nsfw erotica: Demon lord & a dark skinned lady
No deviants said Surprise me! or other(comment please!)
I wish I was drawing but its just not... Like... Ugh. I really think I might start writing.

Found this and robbed it

:bulletblue: Ten things you wish you could say to 10 different people (don't list names):

1. "Please stop kicking me when I'm down." 

2. "But thats not what I need." 

3. "You're gonna regret it." 

4. "You'll burn for this." 

5. "Thanks for not turning away." 

6. "Lol I can make you better, this whole fucking thing I would shoot to the moon, but okay, you don't even deserve it." 

7. "Go jump off a cliff yeahhh" 

8. "I need you to be more... Than this." 

9. "I was just lonely." 

10. "I'm sorry" 

:bulletred: Nine things about yourself:

1. I take a lot of things personal only because I wouldn't do "that" to you unless idc bout ya.

2. Lacking in empathy

3. I'm black and I like white guys. I pretty much grew up on the white side of town.

4. Been out of country quite a lot

5. I like chocolate chip cookies with a max of 1 chocolate chip

6. I secretly curse people, not like witchery or demonic shit though. 

7. I have a huge ass sweet tooth

8. I love tiramisu!

9. I fucking love the sent of clean laundry.

:bulletyellow: Eight ways to win your heart:

1. Make me feel safe, like bae I got this.

2. Make me laugh

3. Be receptive to my feelings because I have a lot. I need a big as shoulder to sob on lol.

4. Tell me how much you wan me to have yo babiez B]

5. Be weird

6. Be able to express yourself and not shut me out.

7. Let me help

8. Support my decisions.  

:bulletgreen: Seven things that cross your mind a lot:

1. Babies

2. My future house

3. Whether to keep living xP

4. What to fucking draw.

5. Weight

6. Fashion

7. Job

:bulletpurple: Six things you wish you never had to do:

1. Pay for shit

2. Go to college

3. Clean

4. Keep healthy

5. Lie

6. Get out of bed

:bulletwhite: Five turn offs:

1. Man butt sex 

2. Rotted teeth

3. Bad hygiene

4. Cockiness

5. Lack of motivation

:bulletblack: Four turn ons:

1. Nice hair

2. Great at kissing both sets of lips.

3. Strrrong manliness

4. Smile

:bulletorange: Three wishes for your future:

1. Not Fail my children

2. Finances wont be a problem

3. That I am happy

:bulletpink: Two things you want to do before you die:

1. Travel more

2. Eat weird stuff

:bulletblue: One possession you could not live without:

1. Chapstick
I put a pencil to a paper
And it just was not havin it.
Not sure if I can really force myself to draw & get good results...
More practice.

Less than 2 weeks i'll be 20
Fucking leaving the teen years
What shit is that.
I got 15yrs til my eggies go dumb
Yeahhh biological clock goin doooowwwn.
Tbh I would have been on like my 6 kid by now a century or so ago.

So I'm not doing so good in my classes.
And shocker its throwing panic attacks
Cause I've always been an A- kid with minimal effort.
But this shit right here.
This right here will fuck allllll your shit up. 
Assuming you are a lump of unstable dark matter such as I
What has been my soothing drug for a while has been good grades. Long as I had good grades I had something. Now its like fffuck mang 2 ON I NEED FUCKING 2 ON BONGS DANK BROWNIES GLLLAAAAHHH.
Alas none of that though.

I have to change my major
I don't want to be the person who gives up once things get hard
And I'm not.
I don't want to buckle down and brace the storm
I don't want to be challenged where my best is sheer luck
I want to be able to walk, skip, prance, a soar my way to the trophy.
Not tremble, crawl and claw my way, especially if my money is whats sitting the trophy there in the 1st place.
And right now Its like im taking every arrow to the face...
Like damn?! I am very aware that life isn't struggle proof... But when it doesn't feel right don't push yourself.
So I think its time to change my major to gen. Studies.
And settle for this W for this semesters classes.

On the bright side my cookies bae bought me came today.
Made in a factory 15min away from my house pffff

Long story short if your heart doesn't know what it wants, don't force your mind to hook a left turn.

I have another thing to say
I think its weird when
In nsfw drawings
The artist draws the female lactating everywhere
I know I'm just being too technical
But you don't just lactate out of no where
I have been watching too many documentaries.
Still its like well why is she doing that.
Boobs are like the most sexualized non-sexual body part. 
Like do something else with em.

Once I start drawing you will see what I mean.

I kinda just want to write atm
Thats soooooo much easier
More fun too.
But not sure about putting my ideas out in words.
Lord knows how long it would take me to finish a comic.
I just really might start writing though.
So someone assumed I was homophobic or am anti-gender flexibility, because im not interested in having OCs who are....?

I'm straight and cis 
So are my OCs
I don't plan on having ocs who forwardly are not
I don't understand how the whole ID with any gender or not being attracted to the opposite sex thing works
Its not for me- but if it is for you, cool. Not everything needs an explanation right?
My OCs are pretty much my dumpster for all my fantasies, obsessions, and kinks/fetishes
getting weirdddd
I think it would be awkward for me anyway, like contradicting all of those above(if you knew any it would make sense), and i like being in my comfy zone and not step on any1s toes
gender, sexuality, and race are kinda those subject ppl tip toe around
Its like you can't say that if this isnt that or only that is this kinda thing.

It was said I should cater to all people but uhm
I'm not drawing for anyone to relate their personal life with my dirty little secrets, if you do ite ite, and if not, aint gon make accommodations.
My babies have nothing to do with anyone except for me.
I'm sharing the pieces of me
I don't have a targeted audience.
I don't even draw often!

If you love man yaoi butt secks good for you!!
I think that could go on my turn off list, so why would I draw it. I actually hate it really. 
Yuri is eh ok w/e, small doses

I just honestly have to have my dudes itching for female pheromones
It just feels oh so very right. 
Its completely satisfying like a hot bath. And then the chick following in on the dance whaaaaaaaaaaa. Beautiful muah mwahh muahhh!
You just don't understand, especially when it aint clean or Graceful?! Yyyyuuuuuuuuusssss!
Puts a smile on my face. A+!
If its 1 thing i dislike is when people portray their characters sex life as perfect, or they rp smut as if their character is a god, or every touch makes them quiver, or they know exactly how to respond, no real sex aint perfect -_- smut tip GET FUCKIN WEIIRDD GET GROSS
And please
Stop saying you're in the mood for a smut rp THAT is the wrong kinda weird. 
I kinda miss rping but alas i like it to have a particular flow when I do and i rather not suck the joy out of it so I'm like retired qnq I was 1 of those hardcore rps who would respond 2+ paragraphs.
ppl were asking for Valentine's rp and i was like hhekhek so cute but i cant q~q

But anyway to the person who brought it up to me ??????????? I truly couldnt give any on what your gender/sexuality is, I treat every1 the same. Do good by me I do good by you.

Its fuqin 9 degrees outside

Ooh magic conch shell, will i draw something for Valentine's day? #maybesomeday 

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