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damn girl you got some thick ass eyeballs by Juneias
damn girl you got some thick ass eyeballs
Was told that once. Huuurrdeeeeerp I only post selfies now. There will be art one day lol
Atm I'm content with just telling stories to baebae
He's my OCs #1 fan right now and I'm pretty okay with it
Wish I wasn't and would just draw to get more people involved But whatevs. Haven't caught a break in school. When I do I just play video games xP

Kawaii yaaaaasss. But will be going nombre black/peri Gray. Lets see how it goes. Hopefully I have drawn something b4 I show that. Back to back selfies nnnoooo. Had this on tumblr first
I usually hate the holidays.
Mostly because the entire family gathers at my home to celebrate, for at least 1 holiday.
But I am feeling the holiday spiriiiiittt atm
And I'm really hoping someone does a holiday series of their OCs!!!
Ya'll know I want to-and y'all also know I probably won't 
And I don't mean just drawing them in a Damn Santa suite. 
I want an actual scene. Not a lot of people draw scenes with their OCs-I don't.
But ya knoww, action, movement. 
Not just a pose with a background


Sure I can draw it myself.
But the point is-I want to enjoy someone else's art
I want to be someone's fan girl *dramatic death*

I have an idea for Najalynn and her whole biracialness for the holiday
Just a matter of doin it

And omfg I saw a lil craft my sister made in 1st grade saying "to dad love Taylor" and it had these adorable drawings on it and her skool pic when she was like 5 and I cried.
She's 14 now
I'm so hormonal today *jumps off clif*

I dropped the digital media class *gross sob*
I am trying to decide whether to finish a digital thing or do a doll repaint craft.....
Oh gee. 
I have a problem
I am becoming extremely content with just imagining my art in my head.
I sit and stare at a blank page
And get very frustrated.......
I've been looking up challenges to do
Just to get my ass going
But being the complexes simpleton I am I just over think it and have no idea how to start.
I'm making everything complicated
I feel so ashamed

I was going through my sketchbook which has a few drawings no one has seen. And I realized I really liked my style.
I don't use color in my sketchbook so the issue became my coloring style when I transfered to digital.
I want to draw with out giving a FUCK
Art use to be my outlet. Something I did to forget about the piss in life.
Now I've made it mechanic...
I've made it stressful
My art :[ my babies
"Harvested in the womb of my mind, born through the labor of my hands- and in that moment they become no less than my flesh and blood" quoted by me. I said this during a speech in 12th grade accepting a portfolio award.
What happen

When did I shove a stick up my ass about art
I think it's when I took my first college semester
College fucked up everything honestly
Now that I have more of a sense of direction, of something I don't honestly want to Do, I feel a bit better.
I'm going to give the ladies ultrasounds.

Next spring I signed up for a intro to digital media class.
That should be fun.
Life -_-

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