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But he GOttA get rID of these hoES for me
I miGHT just have em selling his SOUL for me

and that is how it is suppose to be, everyone.

My sister was in a step competition last night. I was so emotional watching those little kids, specifically the elementary school kids. I am so mad at myself for doing nothing with my childhood. Wasn't really in other activities. I didn't get involved... Now i'm just a confused adult. Then I was also emotional because every1 was cheering for the lil babes and im like im not even their mom and im so proud. 
My sis theme was the walking dead
And she lost.
No ribbon
Just a fucking envelope with their score in it.
Im still mad about it
Some freaking team from VA won and yeah they were really good but it should have only been MDers
Their theme was police brutally and black lifes matter. And then they threw the holy ghost in there. Being black and a daughter of a cop-its very difficult to have the right opinion when it comes to that subject.
Anyway the team that won 2nd place was all about girl power and they werent all that good. 
3rd place theme was being hella smart in school THEY were really good.
The judges were black, only 1 male, and they had all graduated from that high school

And i am sure they were bias because of the part of MD we are from. They even forgot to call out our county AND school. pff.

Anywayz dunno if i will post this month SURPRISE 
Sketches will be on my tumblr

The titles of my journals are lyrics from a song im listening to lol changed a lil

Post to be- omarion

Just watched after school club on the korean channel againnn
Though i saw this episode this afternoon so reeerun.
Rn a group called "red velvet" is on. They are so cute and fun looking, i'm jeliscous.
Why can't I be in a k-pop girl group pffff.
I honestly don't listen to it often at all. I just really like the show ❤
And there was like k-r&b and it was really weird... It was a large boy group and they sounded like they remixed chris brown take you down song with like the 90s black boy groups feel. Very unusual.

Alright so about 2 weeks left in the month? Guess i'll pick something out my sketch book to finish. Maybe SU fan art. Maybe another persona of mine. 

Oh and on my tumblr, I am trying to get into astrology/horoscope so if you want you can ask/request something

Also my art blog is inactive, don't really have recognition on there so once I do, I'll restart it up.

Another thing, Destiny is getting on my nerves... I don't think I will get the dlc...

Yayyy 11k page views woooopdiiiidodahhh
You know I realized
After listening to a kpop song [MV] NS Yoon-G(NS윤지) _ Wifey (Feat. MC MONG(MC몽)):

That I literally try to be everyone's wifey.
More so in rl
But still
And when in relationship already its more towards my female friends.
Its not anything sexual however.
Very weird and It took 20yrs to figure this out mmmm.
Like that song is pretty much my motto in life, fuck being a doctor pfffffff 
Maybe it has to do with being a pisces.

Anyway I am anxiously waiting for an email for an internship interview...... My sister went to hers today for the same company.... But i will stay positive.

Haven't drawn anything yet derp

Do you have baby fever?
2 deviants said Yes omg my ovaries are itching
1 deviant said what I'm still a minor
1 deviant said I just wan have pretty babehs with pretty ladehs
1 deviant said J: every where i fuckin look. squishy aborble beings try to devour my soul
No deviants said PFFF GIRL BYE

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