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My gemsona Super 7 hit 1k views! I usually dont get that many hits. To celebrate I wanted to do a free fusion with your gemsona and mine!

I am sure you guys already know the deal with me and art, and I wish it woulda happened sooner for now my aunt got me a job that pays 18 and hour woot, BUT IT STARTS AT 4 AM. And I am unsure when I start.
I am still open to do it though, even if the gemsona hype is dead.
So if you are curious you can just drop a link right here, I won't judge :) the only thing is I will be the 1 to choose who I wanna fuse with!
And who knows it may just happen. Wouldn't hurt just to try right, nothing to loose. I probably will wait a few days, for that's how long it usually takes to get 50 views on my journals. 
Not much else to say!
Well I have been dabbling in research of the other planes of existence, very interesting! I am making a persona for 1 of the planes but I am unsure exactly how things work with em.
Oh and any1 else have psychic shit going on?
The other night my dream pretty much laid out how the day was going to go AND IT DID. I usually never have dreams like that. Its always feelings I have that correspond with what will happen with events, my gut ya know? And it happens often. That's why I gave 7 psychic feelings instead of sight :]
And i know a lot of ppl are like oh bullshit, but my last name has a link to psychic abilities as well as my zodiac sign. I think a lot of things work together more than ppl give credit.
Sooo yeah ^°^ uhhh oh yess the weird part of my journals. 

I'm currently still trying to find the correct terminology for my sexuality, so far the terms abrosexual and mercsexual are the closes to what feels right, but idk I can't find a lot of info on the terms, and the prefixes are just???? So I am also considering making my own term, and some say I may as well but thats also a tricky subject cause many find it had to talk about sexuality objectively and don't think its something you just make up. I'm not trying to bullshit anyone or set myself different from anyone else. I just want a word too ya know? I'm not making up how I feel. Then I'd have to make a flag for it, blahhh.  Ok bye
Prettyyyy much threw anatomy out the window with what im drawing rn. Not sure whether to make this another gemsona, a different persona, or something totally different. Struggling with the hair style uuggghh
Read the following questions, imagining the scenes in your mind, and write down the FIRST thing that you visualize. Do not think about the questions excessively.

1. You are walking in the woods. Who are you walking with? 
2. You are walking in the woods. You see an animal. What kind of animal is it?
Fucking monster

3. What interaction takes place between you and the animal?
We are both screaming and roaring at each other

4. You walk deeper into the woods. You enter a clearing and before you is your dream house. Describe its size.
Reallyy biigg

5. Is your dream house open, or surrounded by a fence?
Surrounded by tree fences

6. You enter the house. You walk to the dining area and see the dining room table. Describe what you see on and around the table.
Food from spirited away

7. You exit the house through the back door. Lying in the grass is a cup. What material is the cup made of (ceramic, glass, paper, etc.)?
There is no cup

8. What do you do with the cup?
Nothing because there is no cup

9. You walk to the edge of the property, where you find yourself standing at the edge of a body of water. What type of body of water is it ?
The ocean, some how we are in the middle of the ocean and its 2 feet deep
10. How will you cross the water?
I don't, just kinda skip around in it.

This has been a relational psychology test. The answers given to the questions have been shown to have a relevance to values and ideals that we hold in our personal lives. The analysis follows. 
1. The person who you are walking with is the most important person in your life.
Well yeah...

2. The size of the animal is representative of your perception of the size of your problems.
Bigg ass

3. The severity of the interaction you have with the animal is representative of how you deal with your problems (passive, aggressive).
Hmm... I guess

4. The size of your dream home is representative of the size of your ambition to resolve your problems.
Lol noo

5. No fence is indicative of an open personality. People are welcome at all times. The presence of a fence is more indicative of a closed personality. You’d prefer people to not drop by unannounced.
Tree fence is null

6. If your answer did not include food, people, or flowers then you are generally unhappy.
Im not happy rn

7. The durability of the material with which the cup is made is representative of the perceived durability of your relationship with the person from number 1. For example, Styrofoam, plastic, and paper are disposable; Styrofoam, paper, and glass (ceramics) are not durable; and metal and plastic are durable.
What about nothingness, does that even count
8. Your disposition of the cup is representative of your attitude toward the person in number 1.
Hmno more like my attitude with life in general.

9. The size of the body of water is representative of the size of your sexual desire.
Dude I am like gray-asexual rn
10. How wet you get in crossing the water is indicative of the relative importance of your sex life.
Sex drive is like 0

But seriously 
If people can be genderfluid 
I can be sexuality-fluid right?
I think I'm gray-asexual guys lol
I wish there was a term for liking the opposite sex but also being disinterested in preforming sex as well, as weird that is for me to say, FOR ME. Cause If i remove myself from the equation of it all, its like yeah man SEX. But add me personally onto it its like hm yeah sex wow. And i mean the action not performance.
I never really thought hard about my sexuality. Like w/o thinking i ID with heterosexuality. If i do think about it i fit into gray-asexuality 
So can I call it heterasexual?
Like im thinking and its like am i allowed to do that? Change my sexuality on how i've been feeling for the last couple of months? Do i have to like go through a year trial before hand?
Ah well
So my dog bit my thumb
Did some damage but hopefully it heals fast.
Im a righty and guess which hand he got me.
Dammit. I knew i shouldnt have done it but he couldnt eat the chicken wig cause he eats ALL of it and bones can cut up their insides.
I fucking swear the pencil was going in my hand this week
Hope its not one of those dent scars. BUT SURE LOOKS LIKE IT.
The lil fucker.
I was afraid he might rip my thumb off. He wasn't being aggressive, i guess he was just like MMMM CHICKEN *CHOMP*
I suppose after it heals I'll be ok. It is right below the knuckle. So I can't bend it all that well nor can I snap.
Just 1 of those weeks?!
And my ps4 cannot ever get a solid connection?!

I contribute journals more than i do art
But technically writing in terms of expression is art, yuh?! BAM thank you good night
Do you ever feel like you are so busy but you're literally not doing anything
The 19th is a very important day for more. I have waiting quite sometime for it. Its wayyyy overdo. But it will change a lot of shit.
Guess what it is and i'll give you some points :p
I got a note today asking to use my art for an app called flipper? Tf
I am not that good to be featured on an app. It was kinda insulting. I said hell no
So once I successfully get through the 19th, then I have to worry about a job. I had gotten accepted to do the internship i wanted BUT i had done 0 research for it. It was for aflac. And apparently they just train you to sell insurance to people....? Like actually going out and say hey-AFLAC to companies. No.
Tf I look like, DECLINED.
So I must get a job this summer cause well the bank aint gonna fund itself. And im hellllla cheap when my income is iffy.
I also hate seeing my old peers. Like their lifes are on the way and im like a turtle stuck on its back. I mean good for them but damn you!!! Too.
I just get very anxious about it cause I for sure will not be a waitress. A cashier I suppose. For a small place with only 2 costumers.
Like i gotta be out the house in 4yrs. Hopefully done with school cause I really kinda fucked up(I had no plan at all). Then I have to think about marriage and kids (a lot of people are like nooo don't rush things, just be young and it all will come in time, but fuck that I didn't have an entry plan for college now im screwy, by the time I get marries i will only have so and so time to have kids and what if all the years on birth control it take 5 more for me to actually pop an egg out oh noo)
And omfg my sister had prom Saturday and her bf mom had a baby so he was there and everyone was ALLL UP IN ITS GRILL. And my moms face was lit up.
Then guess what
Bae will be coming up this summer!
We've been together for 3yrs and 5months. Long distance thing so we haven't metmet yet. And I am thinking bout documenting it and all. I do have a lil worry that with the stuff going on in bmore and us being an interracial couple we'll get side eyed and dirty looks. I mean sometimes my sister and her not bf get o.0 she said the other day a dude looked at them and was like 😕😐*shrug*
Just not something I want to deal with. Black women get so much crap if they date white guys. Like if a black guy dates a white girl some ppl see it as a step up in life. And if a black girl dates a white guy, the white guy downgraded.
Pff tf
Marry a black girl and make her have yo babiez 😎 you never know what you get with mixed kids but hey technically mating with the same race is inbreeding 😶
Love is love whatever.

Art is starting to piss me off more and more like
???? Lines? Colors??? You're how old and draw that well??? *jumps off cliff*
Leaning towards drawing some 7 poses even though the gemsona boom is over.
I hope everyone elses life is going to plan.

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